Konvergent Help - Users

Introduction to Users
Konvergent divides users into two types: Staff and External Providers.

Staff are the individuals that work within your organization and will be using Konvergent to create, share and manage referral lists.

External Providers are organizations and individuals outside your organization that comprise your referral lists and receive referrals from your organization.

Consider the situation where a student receives a referral list from a counselor at the University of Higher Education. The referral list contains the contact information of three mental health clinicians and a nearby public Behavior Health Services center. In this example the counselor at the University of Higher Education would be a staff member. The External Providers in this scenario are the three mental health clinicians and the one public Behavior Health Services center.

This section outlines the abilities of each type of user and how they factor into your referral list management system.

External Providers
External Providers are comprised of individuals or agencies outside of the referring organization.

By being an External Provider you’ll be included in the inviter’s referral database, which increases your chances of receiving clients. Since you provide detailed information about your practice in your profile, you’ll be received targeted referrals that suit your clinical work.

Referrals are the cornerstone of clinical practice in the mental health field. Whereas in-person network has been the traditional way of expanding one’s practice, Konvergent has created a type of “social network” for you and those who refer to you.

External Providers can be added by Staff through upload or manual entry. After being added to an organization's database update requests can be sent to External Providers so that they can keep their information up to date.

Staff Members
All staff members can search the database and create referral lists. They can also distribute referral lists to via text messaging, emails, and print outs.

Depending on their permissions staff members can also:
  • Manage External Providers
  • Manage staff permissions across the program
  • Manage program settings such as program address and public URL settings.

Owner...a special type of staff member
The owner is the staff member that signs up for Konvergent and completes the registration process. The only difference between an owner and the rest of the staff members is that the owner is the only one that can handle issues related to billing.

In addition to billing, owners can do everything that other staff members can do such as send invitations and create referral lists for clients.

It should be noted that there can only be one owner for any program.

Staff Permissions
As outlined above, Konvergent defines a staff member as someone that creates, edits and distributes referral lists. In order to manage referral lists Konvergent enables several different permissions for staff members so that responsibilities can be delegated and given to the appropriate users.

There are three different permissions that a staff member can have:

Permission Type Summary
Manage External Providers Managing External Providers includes the ability to manually enter External Providers and upload files via a bulk import to populate the database.
Manage Staff Permissions Update and modify the permission of staff members so they can have the appropriate privileges to manage external providers and manage program settings.
Manage Program Settings This permission allows staff members to make changes to the program settings. This includes the contact information of the program, public database settings, and which insurance providers are filtered in the search results.
Billing (only Owner) The owner of the program has the distinct privilege of handling all matters related to Billing. This includes managing credit card information and receiving updates regarding any payment issues.