Konvergent Screenshots

Use maps to filter and organize your providers.
Drag and drop interface to create your referral lists.
Provider profiles are integrated with maps to show provider locality.
Leverage Konvergent to send and receive update requests for External Providers. The database can automatically merge update requests as they are received or each update request can be reviewed.
Manage the External Providers in your database with a easy to use interface.
Jump quickly to key areas to complete tasks and view metrics on Referral Lists usage via the dashboard.
Send encrypted messages and appointment verification requests to clients and external providers.
Archive and save referral lists that you no longer need. Restore them whenever you need them again.
Print your referral lists with a click of a button or send it via email/text message.
View the status of clients right from your dashboard.
Add comments to External Providers so that you can share important and useful information.
Create clients for your program and view their current appointment status.