Version Comparison
Basic Version Membership Version Enterprise Version
HIPAA Compliant
Drag and Drop Referral Search
Automated Referral Update System
Number of External Providers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Referral Lists Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Staff Members 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Limit of SMS Messages 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Limit of Email Messages 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Secure Messaging
Automated Referral Confirmations
Dashboard Basic Statistics Basic Statistics
  • Basic Statistics
  • Automated Referral Tracking
  • Referral Case Management Alerts
Price Free $5 per user per month Contact for Pricing

But, what does this mean?
If you sign up for the Basic Free version for one practioner, then you pay nothing. You can send referral lists via SMS texts or emails (with a daily limit of 5), invite unlimited external providers to your personal database and you won't pay a dime.

Why? We built Konvergent to help people like you connect, collaborate, and promote access to care. Once you upgrade your account you will receive one FREE staff member account a month. With the membership version you can invite your colleagues in your organization or practice to share your database, then the monthly cost is $5 per added user (per month).

For example, if you have a staff of 7 within your organization, then your monthly payment would be $30 per month. (7 staff - 1 FREE user) x $5 = $30

Remember, You DO NOT pay for any of the external providers that you invite to be in your database, regardless of amount! 10, 50, or even 1,000 external providers won't increase your monthly costs. Only the users in your organization that sign-up under your organization count towards the number of staff.

Click here for a guide to on the different types of Konvergent users.
What is a staff member and an external provider? And what is the difference?
Konvergent sorts its users into two categories: staff and external providers. In a nutshell, a staff member is someone that is on your staff at your organization or practice, while an external provider is an individual/organization that receives referrals from your organization to treat patients. An external provider is basically anyone that you add to your personal database.

As an example, at a college counseling center, there might be a staff of five individuals. Those five individuals would be considered staff. As the staff treat clients they might choose to refer some of those patients out to other clinics or outside organizations. The other clinics and outside organizations would be considered external providers.

You and your staff share a database of external providers. Make sense?

Click here to learn more about the different types of Konvergent users.
Do I have to sign up all of my staff at the same time?
Nope. This is why there is a Basic Free version for Konvergent.

You can try us out and see if Konvergent works for you and your workflow. If you like what Konvergent offers then invite the rest of your staff after you have become more comfortable with the service.
What if I need to change the number of users during the month?
No problem. Owners can modify the number of staff slots in the program settings panel.

If you increase the number of users during the month we will prorate the monthly fee based on the number of days left and charge it to your credit card on file.

If you decrease the number of users during the month we will charge you the new lower monthly subscription fee when your new billing cycle rolls around.

Click here for a guide to update the number of staff slots in your plan.
Konvergent does not refund the costs of any unused staff slots nor does it provide refunds if the number of staff slots is lowered during the course of the billing cycle.
How am I billed?
If you sign up for the Basic Free version then there is no billing.

If you have multiple users then the Owner of the program is the person who initially signs up for Konvergent. After the Owner has upgraded the account and entered their payment information the credit card on file will be charged on a monthly basis. The beginning of the monthly cycle is the date in which the account was upgraded to include more than one staff.

After the intial payment Konvergent will attempt to charge the credit card on file every month 7 days before the next monthly cycle.

If for any reason the previous credit card attempt fails another attempt will be made 3 days before the next monthly cycle begins. If that attempt fails then another attempt is tried 1 day before the monthly cycle begins.

If all three previous attempts have failed then Konvergent will attempt one last time on the beginning of the monthly billing cycle. If that payment attempt fails then the program that the Owner has registered will be disabled and all attempts by staff to login and access information will be denied. Owners will still be able to login and pay any outstanding bills. All program information will be maintained for up to 90 days.
What sort of billing cycles do you offer?
Konvergent offers monthly, quarterly (3 months), biannual (6 months) or annual (12 months) billing cycles.

If you decide to change your billing cycle later the changes to your billing cycle will take effect once the current cycle has ended.
Can I really cancel anytime?
Absolutely. No contracts. Owners can navigate to the control panel and choose to cancel their subscription whenever they like.