2019 October Staff members can share referral lists with other staff.
2019 September Fixed bug with insurance providers not showing up for all programs.
Added color flags for providers.
2019 August Added public notes field to providers.
Corrected bug with bulk message to providers.
Created Referral List Map interface.
Added additional insurance providers.
Created filter to view providers by last updated status.
2019 July Added Out-of-Network attribute.
2019 May Various bug fixes.
Added program analytics page.
2019 March Added provider profile pictures.
Various bug fixes.
Added option to print out filtered providers on Manage Referral Lists page.
Enable filtering of providers based on contact information.
2019 February Appended Last Response by Provider to Provider information modals.
2019 January Corrected order of tab index on new provider page.
Added option to filter out Insurance Providers.
Implemented ability to duplicate External Providers in database.
2018 November Fixed bugs related to referral list titles and user management.
Integrated Konvergent with Google Maps.
2018 October Automated log archival.
Upgraded architecture to next release version of Rails.
2018 September Expanded search functionality to include city.
Implemented additional security policies such as email confirmation.
2018 August Added notes and public transportation attributes to providers.
Added control to show/hide provider email on public referral lists.
Placed button on Manage Referral List page to add providers via typing.
2018 July Modified database system to use import and/or manual entry.
Automated database backup process.
2018 June Added Referral List metrics dashboard.
Added commenting feature for providers.
Modified user profile page to update password.
Created quick toolbar for dashboard page.
2018 May Added Update Request system so programs can send requests to External Providers to update their profile.
2018 April Created invoice page to allow programs to download reciept of payments.
2018 March Added public URL database page.
2018 February Updated referral lists to show/hide provider attributes.
Added autogeneration of emails for providers that have no contact information.
2018 January Updated list of specialties, advocacy types and ethnicities.
Incorporated select2 JavaScript library to use updated select dropdowns.
2017 December Updated users permissions settings to control the privileges related to program settings and invitations.
2017 November Switched Konvergent from using role-based permissions to user based privileges.
2017 September Added monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycle options.
Public databases upgraded to send referral lists via email and hard copy.
Updated public databases to allow users to filter providers based on different types of attributes.
2017 July Remodeled web site to be mobile friendly.
Developed feature to allow programs to import providers via Excel spreadsheets.
2017 May Created broadcast messaging system to providers.
2017 January Upgraded payment system to use new payment system.
Referral Lists were upgraded so that they can be sent via text message.
2017 October Updated web framework to respond to mobile OS requests.
2017 September Added feature to copy referral lists to clipboard.