Expand on core Konvergent services with the Enterprise version

The Enterprise version includes the referral system plus added HIPAA compliant features that enhances automated risk management.
HIPAA secure messaging (with attachments)
  • Message between your clinicians, clients, and external providers. Send attachments such as clinical records.
Confirmation of access to referrals
  • Konvergent “pings” your client to obtain confirmation that referral was accessed.
  • External providers are also queried for confirmation to verify patient access to appointments.
  • Automatically close the referral loop with dual confirmation and reduce your liability.
Appointment Request
  • Fill out Appointment Request forms for clients in Konvergent, which sends secure requests to selected external providers in the database
  • Appointment request forms contain screening information for potential providers to review.
  • External providers call your patients to setup appointments. Enhance access to care.
Dynamic Dashboard
  • Track referral access across your site.
  • Konvergent will alert you to confirmed access to referrals.
  • Receive alert notifications for unconfirmed referrals that may need case management.
  • Streamline your workflow, remove barriers to access, and manage risk.